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Self Help

Ear Syringing

Self Help Ear Syringe (PDF, 172KB)


Ease Irritations

With lots of people spending time outside, bites, stings and allergies are a routine irritation. Make sure you have plenty of antiseptic cream, antihistamines and eyewash at home so you can ease your ailments quickly and easily. 


Indigestion-free fun

If you've overindulged, it's always a welcome relief to have some indigestion treatment in the house. Make sure you grab some during your next shop, or when you're planning your next BBQ.


Plenty of Plasters

Whether the kids have taken a tumble or you've suffered a small DIY injury, make sure you have plenty of plasters and antiseptic cream in your medicine cabinet.

Sun Safe

Stay sun safe

Don't be tempted to head out in the sun without protection. Always have SPF 30 to hand for those lazy afternoons in the garden or at the park.


Temperature Check

A high temperature is one of the symptoms of coronavirus so make sure you have a thermometer in your medicine cabinet to check your temperature.

Medicine Cabinet

Make sure your Medicine Cabinet is fit and healthy to deal with minor ailments. Ease symptoms quickly without the need for a GP appointment.



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Local Services, Let